What's it like to be gay in paradise??

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Perfect weather, beautiful men and women, beaches, flora, food, shopping. Each island offering something different.

So how does it effect the gay men and women that live here and those that visit? That is what I would like to explore here.

Since I haven't yet been to a lot of the other islands yet, I will rely on your comments to help me put together posts for both visitors and locals to read.

There's a community in here somewhere. Let's find it, strengthen it, and make it thrive.

Are you with me??

So speak out Hawaii! Now's your chance to tell the world why they should come to Hawaii and meet our gay community!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First thoughts about paradise

I moved here from Los Angeles in 2006. Initially, I thought I really had moved to paradise where the weather is perfect 95% of the time. I anticipated having a very strong gay community, much like Palm Springs or San Diego. Notice I didn't say like San Francisco or Los Angeles. I knew better. :-)

Currently we have no community center, so to speak. Which is really sad, because in other cities, the community cente is what held everything together and create the base for most of the activities. This alone should tell you about the gay life in Honolulu.

Ok. This first post is only going to start the ball rolling.

I would like to hear comments from other people on this island, and other islands, as to what they consider a community. Do they feel the need, have their own private community, or what.

Also, I would like to hear from those not living in Hawaii and what THEY have as a community. What they like about it, or what is lacking. Perhaps this information will help us to create a kind of new way of thinking to help Hawaii with our own gay community.

Please post your comments and let us grow ourselves a community!!